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Local Food and Wine Walking Tour around Rome
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4 hs.

Local Food and Wine Walking Tour around Rome

Enjoy one of the greatest activities in Rome…eating.

This Rome food tour begins with an introduction to antipasti from our enthusiastic, local food expert.

Walk around the lively areas of Campo de’Fiori and Trastevere (also home to some of the best restaurants in Rome) as you sample a wide selection of meats and cheeses – paired with wines from the Lazio region. Next you will explore the many different types of street food that are typical to Rome. Indulge in flavorful Roman snacks like baccala fritto and suppli and pizza al taglio (or pizza by the slice) from only the best local eateries. Find out what makes Roman pizza so different from Neapolitan pizza and the delicious details behind each type.

After you are done tasting the best treats that Rome has to offer, it’s time for a sit-down dinner at a local trattoria - one of the oldest in Rome. The feast continues with the an array of authentic, yet simple dishes from the region. All while sipping some more of that fabulous Roman wine.

Our Rome food tour concludes the best way possible – with some mouthwatering gelato!


  1. Our Rome food tour begins in one of the most vibrant and dynamic squares in Rome- Campo de’ Fiori. Among bustling cafés and street musicians you meet your guide just in time for a traditional Italian aperitivo - where you will be introduced to a wonderful selection of artisanal cured meats (so superior that they are PGI protected) accompanied by the finest Italian wines.
  2. As you stroll around Campo de’ Fiori, your guide reveals the unique and wonderful history of the area before tasting the next culinary delight – cheese. The historic shop on this Roman food tour contains only PGI- protected cheeses of various Italian origins complemented by a carefully selected wine.
  3. The next stop on this food tour of Rome will be to taste the famous Roman specialty - ‘baccalà fritto’ (lightly fried fish).
  4. Your immersion into the local cuisine continues with a sampling of two other typical Roman foods. A fundamental part of your itinerary and perhaps one of the most important things to do in Rome, you will experience pizza by the slice or “pizza taglio”.
  5. Your next sampling on this Rome food tour around Trastevere is at another eatery that specializes in the scrumptious Italian treat – “suppli”. New flavors that will surely please your palate and satisfy your appetite.
  6. After a walk to help you digest a little, you will be ready for supper in one of the coziest restaurants in Trastevere. Known for the quality of its food, this quarter is considered to have the best dining options in Rome. Here you will be offered an exquisite Roman antipasto and two first courses, accompanied by two different Italian wines of protected production and origin.
  7. We finish our food expedition in Trastevere with some delicious locally made gelato. By the end of this food tour around Rome, you should definitely feel satisfied, having explored the tasty delicacies, wines and local spots that are such a fundamental part of life here.

what's included

  • Cost of all food and wine
  • Expert tour guide
  • Small group (maximum 16)

what's not included

  • Pick up and drop off
  • Gratuities (optional)

meeting point

We will depart on our 4-hour walking tour from the most vibrant and dynamic square in Rome- Campo de’ Fiori in front of the restaurant La Carbonara. Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of your tour to check-in with a member of our staff.

ending point

Our tour finishes in Trastevere – a neighborhood popular for its bohemian quarter, occupied by artists, authors and lovers of Roman nightlife.

important information

Please let us know in advance if you are a vegetarian, have any food allergies or food dislikes!


If you or any member of your party has difficulty with mobility (uses crutches or a wheelchair, etc.), please contact us in advance. This tour is not wheelchair accessible. Private tours are available to meet these needs, on request.