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Vatican City Walking Tour
€ 63,00
€ 50,90
Per person
Vatican museums, Sistine Chapel, Basilica of Saint Peter
3 hs.
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Our most popular tour of Rome includes the top attractions of the Vatican. And you’ll have more time to enjoy your visit when you skip the line with our Fast Track entry.

Walk around the countless wonders of the Vatican Museums as our qualified guide reveals every interesting story and detail. Highlights of the Vatican Museums include: Museo Pio-Clementino, Borgia Apartment, Raphael Rooms*, Gallery of the Maps, Gallery of the Tapestries, Gallery of the Candelabras, and the Pieta of Michelangelo.

Observe masterpieces from some of the most prominent artists in Italy before moving on to the Sistine Chapel where you will behold Michelangelo’s greatest work of art - The Last Judgement. The last stop on this walking tour of Vatican City is St. Peter’s Basilica, home to Michelangelo’s divine Pieta and one of the largest and most beautiful churches in the world.

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Roundtrip bus service and
€ 125,00
€ 101,00
Per person
12 hs.
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One of the top destinations in Italy, Pompeii is the ideal day trip from Rome.

This unique option takes you by shuttle bus from Rome to Pompeii, where you can either wander around the grounds yourself or upgrade to a guided tour with one of our experts.

Explore one of the largest and best-preserved archaeological sites in the world. The once thriving Roman town of Pompeii was completely destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. But the volcanic ash that followed created a natural casing, almost perfectly protecting what is left of this lost civilization. You can almost visualize what things may have looked like, from the ancient ruins that remain.

Take your Pompeii visit to the next level when you opt for the guided tour. Our passionate guide will make the city come alive before your eyes, describing what life was like in Pompeii - even the types of food and drink the ancient Pompeians would have consumed.First excavated in the 1800’s, new discoveries are still happening here as of today. Examine antique artifacts such as jars, pots, and even a carbonized loaf of bread!

Highlights of this exclusive walking tour includes: the amphitheater (Pompeii’s equivalent to Rome’s Colosseum), plaster death casts, colorful mosaics, frescoes and ancient graffiti – some containing some raunchy imagery.

Disappear into another world as you roam in and out of the ancient food shops and bars, public bathing complexes, private houses and villas, bathrooms, and brothels, as our guide recounts the events that unfolded that sad and tragic day.

This must-see sightseeing tour of Pompeii is an experience you will always treasure.
Mussolini’s Fascist Rom
€ 300,00
Per person
Foro Italico, Palace of Italian Civilization
3 hs.
flag eng
Discover Rome’s iconic symbols of Fascist architecture on this unique bus and walking tour, out of the city-center, to the Foro Italico and the EUR district.
  • Explore Mussolini’s great architectural project in the EUR district
  • Discover the most iconic Fascist buildings, including the ‘Square Colosseum’
  • Discover the similarities between Mussolini’s architecture and that of Ancient Rome

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Local Food and Wine Walki
€ 95,00
€ 53,90
Per person
Campo de Fiori, Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere
4 hs.
flag eng
Enjoy one of the greatest activities in Rome…eating.

This Rome food tour begins with an introduction to antipasti from our enthusiastic, local food expert.

Walk around the lively areas of Campo de’Fiori and Trastevere (also home to some of the best restaurants in Rome) as you sample a wide selection of meats and cheeses – paired with wines from the Lazio region. Next you will explore the many different types of street food that are typical to Rome. Indulge in flavorful Roman snacks like baccala fritto and suppli and pizza al taglio (or pizza by the slice) from only the best local eateries. Find out what makes Roman pizza so different from Neapolitan pizza and the delicious details behind each type.

After you are done tasting the best treats that Rome has to offer, it’s time for a sit-down dinner at a local trattoria - one of the oldest in Rome. The feast continues with the an array of authentic, yet simple dishes from the region. All while sipping some more of that fabulous Roman wine.

Our Rome food tour concludes the best way possible – with some mouthwatering gelato!

11 %

Tivoli, Hadrian’s Villa
€ 90,00
€ 79,90
Per person
Villa Adriana, Tivoli, Villa d'Este
7 hs.
flag eng
One of the best day trips from Rome, the enchanting town of Tivoli is just a quick bus ride away.

Our knowledgeable guide introduces you to the hidden gems and alluring history of Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este.

Tour the archaeological remains of past temples, sculptures and pools. Once the vacation spot of Emperor Hadrian and now the home to many beautifully preserved artifacts and ruins. It’s no wonder that this destination was named a UNESCO world heritage site status.

After a quiet and leisurely break for lunch it is time for the second stop on this Tivoli tour – the elegant, Renaissance palace of Villa d’Este. Another UNESCO world heritage site.

Admire the stunning grounds filled with extravagant gardens and fountains. See Bernini’s illustrious Neptune’s fountain up close and personal and learn about the history behind this and each of these elaborate and unique springs.

Tivoli, Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este is the most charming day trip from Rome.

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Roman Countryside Walking
€ 67,00
€ 49,00
Per person
Catacombs of San Callisto, Circus of Maxentius, Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella, via Appia Antica, Claudio Aqueduct
3 hs.
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An essential part of your Rome itinerary.

Take a break from Rome’s crowded, busy center and explore the beautiful outdoors of the Italian countryside.

From the compelling Catacombs of San Callisto and Appian Way to the dramatic and picturesque aqueducts, this off-the-beaten path walking and sightseeing tour of Rome is the perfect day trip.

Also known as the Cemetery of Callixtus, the Catacombs of San Callisto are eerie and captivating. Our expert guide provides commentary about this curious Christian burial chamber, as you descend into the unknown. Walk through the cool, underground tunnels as you discover the fascinating history behind the most famous Catacombs in Italy. Explore the mysteries that lie beneath the surface of this ancient Roman graveyard on one of the most unique sightseeing tours in Rome.

It is then time to discover the stories behind the ancient structures of Circus Maxentius and the Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella. One of the most preserved in Rome, Circus Maxentius is also the largest, second to the renowned Circus Maximus. Your walking tour continues to the Mausoleum of Caecilia Metella (Cecilia Metella) as your guide describes the details behind this ancient tomb.

The Appian Way of 312 B.C., was one of the first roads of Ancient Rome. It was also the most significant in history, which our enthusiastic guide will share with you as you walk the footsteps of the Ancient Romans that came before.

Completed in 3rd century AD, the aqueducts served as the main water source into Rome. Our expert guide will educate you on why this unbelievable accomplishment was so important to not only the history of Rome but also to the world of engineering.

Then stroll around the massive arches that remain of the Claudian Aqueduct – one of the most famous in Rome.

This outdoor walking tour around undiscovered Rome is a unique way to spend your day.

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